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Monday, July 28, 2014

Technology and Health Care at Schubbe Resch Chiropractic and PT

Over the years, we have made many technological advancements to improve patient care.   Here are a some of the ways technology has been implemented at our offices:

  1. Access to EPIC - As the first chiropractic office in the Fox Valley to be granted access to EPIC, we can bow routinely review records, reports, and images prior to seeing a new or existing patient.  This prevents duplication of images, saves staff time with records requests, and improves the efficiency with which care is delivered.
  2. Digital X-rays read by Radiology Associates of the Fox Valley - We have also established a relationship with Radiology Associates of the Fox Valley.  Our digital x-rays can be electronically forwarded for pathological review and second opinion evaluation.
  3. Implementation of Electronic Health Records (EHR) - In accordance with the Affordable Care Act, our offices have implemented EHR software that meets all government requirements.  We routinely collect and record information on patient's blood pressure, Body Mass Index (BMI), and smoking status along with our treatment notes.  If a patient does not have a family physician, we encourage them to develop a relationship with a primary care physician to further manage their health conditions. Our software also allows us to offer electronic health records to our patients.
  4. Voice Activated Dictation - Our Appleton office has implemented the use of Dragon Medical voice activated dictation so we can complete patient notes immediately, eliminating delays in communication.  Patient records can be quickly faxed to medical offices to be scanned into the EPIC system for any provider to use.
  5. Monthly Email Newsletters - Our E-newsletter lets us communicate with our patients and inform them about different services offered in our clinics.  Topics include recent certifications, new techniques, and free workshops in addition to office news.
  6. Social Media - Our offices share information on topics ranging from diet and nutrition to chronic medical conditions.  Check out more articles on this blog, and follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter @SchubbeChiro.
Schubbe Resch will continue to implement technology to improve the quality, safety and efficiency of health care in the future.  This allows us to collaborate with other physicians and provide better and more efficient treatment to our patients.