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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Supplements for Children

With the kids heading back to school and cold and flu season approaching, let us help you support your children's immune system naturally! Our offices recommend and offer the following children's supplements:

Suppys Multi - Neenah office - Children's Chewable Orange Sherbet Tablets. Suppys is the most powerful kids chewable vitamin that tastes like a sweet and sour treat. 2,000 IU’s of D3, organic veggies and sugar, gluten and dairy free 

Ultra Flora Children’s - Neenah and Appleton offices - UltraFlora Children’s provides a proprietary blend of highly viable, pure strains of “friendly” bacteria that have been clinically shown to support immune health . This delicious, naturally grape flavored chewable formula is backed by the Metagenics ID Guarantee for purity, clinical reliability, and predicted safety via scientific identification of strains with established health benefits.

Nordic Naturals - Appleton office - Rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, this delicious sweet and sour citrus multivitamin supports good nutrition and wellness as part of a healthy diet. Each serving provides your growing child with ten of the most essential nutrients, including zinc and vitamins A, C, D3 and E. With their great taste and nutritional value, the benefits of Nordic Berries extend from childhood through the teen years and into adulthood.  For all ages to enjoy!

D-Hist Jr.- Appleton office -  is a great-tasting, chewable tablet that includes a targeted blend of flavonoids, antioxidants, proteolytic enzymes and botanicals designed to provide comprehensive support for children with seasonal challenges caused by common environmental allergens. D-Hist Jr. includes quercetin, a powerful flavonoid to support healthy histamine levels. It supplies bromelain to enhance the absorption of quercetin and to support mucosal tissue health and stinging nettles leaf to balance hyper-immune response. N-acetyl cysteine clears the airways by promoting normal viscosity of mucus. This unique nutritional combination safely promotes healthy nasal and sinus passages for children with elevated histamine and respiratory irritation.

Feel free to ask any our providers if you are interested in these supplements for your children. Our offices only carry high quality supplements that dissolve quickly in your system so the full benefit of the supplement is received.  Many supplements offered by area drug stores and grocery stores do not meet those standards.

Monday, July 25, 2016

School Supply Drive

Schubbe Resch Chiropractic in Neenah will be donating school supplies to the Neenah-Menasha Emergency Society to be dispersed to local schools in need. Please see the list below as to what is needed. Thank You!

·         Backpacks
·         Colored Pencils
·         Markers (non-permanent)
·         Blue/Black/Red Pens
·         Highlighters
·         #2 Pencils
·         Folders (two-pocket folders)
·         Single subject, college rule spiral notebooks
·         1.5” -3 Ring Binders
·         Loose Left Paper-College Rule
·         3”x5” Note Cards
·         Glue Sticks and/or Elmer’s Glue
·         Large scissors
·         Protractor
·         Scientific Solar Calculator (TI-30XA recommended)
·         Metal Compass
·         Ruler (U.S./Metric)
·         Facial Tissue
·         USB Jump Drive

·         Headphones or Ear Buds

Monday, May 16, 2016

How To Chose Quality Vitamins

I was recently asked what constitutes a quality multivitamin and how Herbalife vitamins compare to what I may recommend.   Here are some tips to help you determine if you are buying a quality vitamin:

First of all, a quality multivitamin must break down in your system within 30 minutes of ingestion or you are not getting any of the nutrients contained in it.  I cannot tell you how many times I have taken lumbar x-rays and seen a person’s multivitamin (as a shadow in their soft tissue) on the x-ray. Cheap multivitamins such as Centrum and One a Day are too bound up with binders and fillers that make it impossible for that vitamin to dissolve in your GI tract. Here is how you can test your multivitamin - put your multivitamin in a dish with enough vinegar to cover it.  If the vitamin dissolves within 30 minutes, it is made of quality ingredients that your body can readily absorb.

Second, quality multivitamins, such as Multigenics by Metagenics (which is what our office carries), Catalyn by Standard Process, and Douglas Labs multivitamin undergo rigorous testing.   A quality company will formulate supplements based on scientific research, use the best raw materials, and pay independent labs to make sure that their product is contaminant free and meets the nutrient claims.

Third, there should be an expiration date on your multivitamin. Without it, who knows how long ago it was made? 
Forth, look for red flags on the label; sugar, artificial colors and flavors, and preservatives are all unnecessary in a supplement.  Another red flag is added chemicals like chlorine. 

Fifth, a quality multivitamin should also have much more than 100% of the RDA for many of the nutrients. Why? The RDA was established only to ward off serious disease.  The RDA does not reflect our current scientific understanding of what nutrient levels promote optimal health.  As an example, the RDA for vitamin C is 60 mg per day to prevent scurvy.  Our bodies use  2-5 times that (or more) each day for tissue repair and collagen formation.  A quality multivitamin will have more than the RDA for each nutrient, but in a proper balance to support healthy body function and prevent excess of vitamins.

So how do Herbalife vitamins stack up? Their multivitamin has only 100% (or less) of the RDA for each nutrient, and that is only if someone takes it as directed, with each meal.  If you are looking for a quality multivitamin, consider the tips above and make an informed decision.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Cystic Fibrosis and Jeans for Charity

For the past few years, the staff at the Appleton office has picked a charity to benefit from their desire to wear jeans.  The staff each donates $25 for the privilege of wearing jeans on Fridays from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

This year, the staff has decided to donate all of the proceeds to Lauren Arkens, a local young woman who suffers from Cystic Fibrosis.  Lauren received a double lung transplant on Christmas Eve 2015.  With the transplant, the CF is cured in Lauren's lungs, but she is still pancreatic insufficient.

Her family has incurred considerable medical expenses, and those costs will continue to climb as she will need to take anti-rejection and antibiotic drugs for the rest of her life.

There are a number of ways that you also can contribute to help this young woman out.  If you want to give to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, you may do so by making a check out to CF with #TeamArkens in the memo line. Mail checks to Geralyn Hartman, N132 Barberry Ln, Appleton, 54915.

If you want to give to Lauren's Medical Fund, you may do so at .  96% of your donation will go to her fund.

If you would like to give directly to Lauren and her husband Tyler, you may help via the Meal Train calendar -  You may also buy them gift cards for groceries, gas or restaurants - see the meal train site for recommendations.  And finally, you can send them a check directly at Lauren Arkens, 216 W Second Street, Kimberly, WI  54136.  Please be aware that any donations made directly to Lauren are not tax deductible.

If you have any questions, you may call the Appleton office at 920-738-0200 and we can direct you to Lauren's mother who can help you out.

Thank you in advance for you help.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Free 10 Day Detox Workshop

Date and Time: Thursday, March 10th at 5:30 pm

Location: Schubbe Resch Chiropractic, 2200 S. Kensington Drive, Appleton, WI

Join Dr. Laura Kemps as she explains a 10 day program designed by Standard Process.  A limited number of the detox kits will be available at the seminar for a cost of $131.50.  Participants are not required to purchase a kit to attend the seminar.  You are free to learn about the program at this workshop, and purchase a kit at the end, or order at another time if interested.

Sign up here, or call 920-738-0200, or email

What are the guidelines for the 10-day program?

  • Avoid refined carbohydrates, artificial sweeteners, added sugar, chemical additives, processed meats, fried foods, caffeine, and soft drinks.
  • Follow eating guidelines that focus on whole, unprocessed foods like vegetables, fruits, and lean protein.
  • Drink supplement shakes with whole food ingredients.
  • Take a simple protocol of supplements throughout the day.

Building a Healthy Foundation

The products in the 10-day program support the organs and glands that help maintain healthy blood sugar metabolism. The kits include nutritional supplements made with whole food and other ingredients to help fill nutritional gaps in the diet.*

Standard Process 10-Day Blood Sugar Support Product Kits

Each kit comes complete with supplements to support well-functioning blood sugar metabolism
and a patient guide that explains the 10-Day Blood Sugar Support Program.*
The guide includes a:
  • Program overview
  • Diet plan with approved food lists
  • Supplement schedule
  • Progress journal
  • Post-program section with diet recommendations
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. 
  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Is Chocolate Good for Your Heart?

From the Cleveland Clinic Website:

Chocolate has gotten a lot of media coverage in recent years because it's believed that it may help protect your cardiovascular system. The reasoning being that the cocoa bean is rich in a class of plant nutrients called flavonoids.

Flavonoids help protect plants from environmental toxins and help repair damage. They can be found in a variety of foods, such as fruits and vegetables. When we eat foods rich in flavonoids, it appears that we also benefit from this "antioxidant" power.
Antioxidants are believed to help the body's cells resist damage caused by free radicals that are formed by normal bodily processes, such as breathing, and from environmental contaminants, like cigarette smoke. If your body does not have enough antioxidants to combat the amount of oxidation that occurs, it can become damaged by free radicals. For example, an increase in oxidation can cause low-density lipoprotein (LDL), also known as "bad" cholesterol, to form plaque on the artery walls.
Flavanols are the main type of flavonoid found in cocoa and chocolate. In addition to having antioxidant qualities, research shows that flavanols have other potential influences on vascular health, such as lowering blood pressure, improving blood flow to the brain and heart, and making blood platelets less sticky and able to clot.
These plant chemicals aren’t only found in chocolate. In fact, a wide variety of foods and beverages are rich in flavonols. These include cranberries, apples, peanuts, onions, tea and red wine.

Are all types of chocolate healthy?

Before you grab a chocolate candy bar or slice of chocolate cake, it’s important to understand that not all forms of chocolate contain high levels of flavanols.
Cocoa naturally has a very strong, pungent taste, which comes from the flavanols. When cocoa is processed into your favorite chocolate products, it goes through several steps to reduce this taste. The more chocolate is processed (through things like fermentation, alkalizing, roasting, etc.), the more flavanols are lost.
Most commercial chocolates are highly processed. Although it was once believed that dark chocolate contained the highest levels flavanols, recent research indicates that, depending on how the dark chocolate was processed, this may not be true. The good news is that most major chocolate manufacturers are looking for ways to keep the flavanols in their processed chocolates. But for now, your best choices are likely dark chocolate over milk chocolate (especially milk chocolate that is loaded with other fats and sugars) and cocoa powder that has not undergone Dutch processing (cocoa that is treated with an alkali to neutralize its natural acidity).

What about all of the fat in chocolate?

You may be surprised to learn that chocolate isn’t as bad for you as once believed.
The fat in chocolate comes from cocoa butter and is made up of equal amounts of oleic acid (a heart-healthy monounsaturated fat also found in olive oil), stearic and palmitic acids. Stearic and palmitic acids are forms of saturated fat. You may know that saturated fats are linked to increases in LDL cholesterol and the risk of heart disease.
But, research shows that stearic acid appears to have a neutral effect on cholesterol, neither raising nor lowering it. Although palmitic acid does affect cholesterol levels, it only makes up one-third of the fat calories in chocolate. Still, this does not mean you can eat all the dark chocolate you’d like.
First, be careful about the type of dark chocolate you choose: chewy caramel-marshmallow-nut-covered dark chocolate is by no means a heart-healthy food option. Watch out for those extra ingredients that can add lots of extra fat and calories. Second, there is currently no established serving size of chocolate to help you reap the cardiovascular benefits it may offer, and more research is needed in this area. However, we do know that you no longer need to feel guilty if you enjoy a small piece of dark chocolate once in a while.
So, for now, enjoy moderate portions of chocolate (e.g., 1 ounce) a few times per week, and don’t forget to eat other flavonoid-rich foods like apples, red wine, tea, onions and cranberries

Monday, November 30, 2015

December Massage Specials

Be sure to take advantage of these specials offered in December!

Appleton Massage Offer:
1.       Purchase a massage gift certificate and your name will be entered in a drawing to win a Young Living bamboo diffuser and 2 bottles of essential oils.
2.       December only special – purchase 4 one hour massages for $180 (normally $60 per hour).  Massage includes hot stones, hot packs and aroma therapy.

Gift certificates and massage specials may be purchased by stopping in the Appleton Office or by calling Michelle Schreiber at 920-540-0807.  Michelle Schreiber operates a massage business in the Appleton Office but is not employed by Schubbe Resch.

Neenah Massage Offer:

$10 off a 60 minute massage December 1st – December 31st - Gift certificates available!